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What kind of a website www.tea2chat.com is?

This is social media website for one on one meeting.

Is this Dating or Chatting site?


How tea2chat.com different from other social media platforms?

Every platform has their own speciality. FB is use for family & friends’ connections, You tube for videos, Tinder for dating, LinkedIn for professional connections. Tea2chat is for one on one meeting. Sharing your ideas, experience & feel good factor with cup of tea together.

How it works ?

Go to www.tea2chat.com . Search your favourite person, go to booking, chose day & time, do your registration & pay the consultancy charges. You are a Guest now. A confirmation mail forward to Host & He/She will confirm back the exact timings. That’s it. Get ready & meet on agreed time.

Is there any Like or comment options ?

You can click on add to Wishlist your favourite profiles & see them directly whenever relogin your account.

How much time is allocated for the meeting?

Max 30 minutes.

Who is Host?

Host is a person whom with somebody wants to meet.

Who is guest?

Guest is a person who give consultancy charges to meet with his / her desired profile.

Are all meetings are Paid?

Yes, Consultancy charges of Host have to pay by guest. Although amount vary Host to Host. Besides Hosts are bound to charge only 900/- for His/Her very first meeting. If you are a Guest grab the new Host immediately to avail the offer.

How to become Host ?

Do your profile worth it that somebody is really interred to meet you & paid for that ? if yes, do register yourself , provide details & your work related pics . Company has solo right to approve/reject your registration after verification. If approve , flourish your profile link on other social media platforms & let people have the privilege to have cup of tea with you.

Is there any registration fees for making profiles as host?

No, profile creation is absolutely free but Tea2chat takes 30% as PR service agency charges on every successful meeting & 70% are paid to Host.

Do I need to register myself if want to search profiles to meet ?

No, registration as guest is mandatory only when you wants to finalise your meeting with someone. Registration not required to search & view someone profile.

Are these meetings safe ?

Yes, all profiles i.e Host & Guest are verified. Besides every person accept Terms & condition before registering & liable to follow.

If a guest is annoying during meeting?

Host can discontinue meeting if he/she finds Guest is annoying, boring, or vulgar. This meeting will be treated as complete meeting & Host will get paid. Guest have to bear the cost.

If a Host is annoying during meeting?

Tea2chat ensure to verify each & every Host before registering. Still Guest are suggested to ensure to check Host’s details through Facebook/Instagram/Youtube before booking. Guest can discontinue the meeting in-between if He/She find something wrong but cost has to bear by Guest only.

Is Tea2chat responsible for any mishappening during meeting?

Mis-happenings can happen anywhere in life.Tea2chat strongly suggest to choose public place only for meeting. Still all citizens are liable to follow Indian Constitution & can lodge the complainant to government authorities as per Indian Penal Code against the culprit.
Although Tea2Chat not responsible for any mishappening but All profiles are verified & tea2chat holds the right to provide personal details to government authorities if required.

What should be meeting venue?

Venue is selected by Host & finalize by Guest in between given options i.e. Host & Guest are responsible for final meeting venue. Tea2chat strongly recommends public place i.e. Restaurants only.

Who will pay for Snacks/Tea during meeting.?

At meeting , Host will choose menu & bearing all the charges of hospitality.

What will be the surety that right persons are meeting?

A OTP no. will be provided to both Host & Guest by Tea2chat. Host & Guest can exchange that OTP no. to ensure that right person is meeting.

If more than one person wants to meet with somebody ?

Yes, you may opt for multiple persons booking but consultancy charges will be paid accordingly. For every extra guest half of main charges will be applicable i.e. if host consultancy charges are 3000/- & 3 guest are meeting in than total amount would be 3000+1500+1500 = 6000/-.

If a Host doesn't comes after meeting is fixed?

Full money will be refunded to Guest.

If Guest doesn't come?

No refund will be paid to Guest meanwhile Host will get full consultancy charges as agreed.