How It Works

Interesting platform for fascinating as well as productive meetings

We at Tea2chat believes that each individual carries his own value of time and respect blended with it. And even the surveys illustrate that if the individual's time is given a preference as well as the esteem, the person can not only have a thrilling experience of his/her company but also gain benefits and grasp knowledge out of his/her experience. Tea2chat offer you a platform to meet your favourite person face to face. With every sip of that tea talk every bit of your heart out, share your stories and learn from their past experiences.

Now lets talk about how this works:

Go to the site and out of uncountable profiles choose your most dear one and decide the time to catch up!! Follow the norms. That's it.

  • Now you are ready to convert your dream into reality by meeting the person of your dreams.
  • You can even create your own profile and provide this golden chance to others to meet you too.
  • The reasons could be uncountable again for the meet:
  • May be you are fond of this person.
  • May be the person is a celebrity.
  • May be you want to learn something from him/her i.e. fanancial planning, beauty or health tips , money making & hundreds other learnings .
  • May be you want to indulge yourself in some relation with him.
  • May be they can help you find a job or join any business.
  • May be they could help you or suggest you to get financial help for your project and so on...

Now the most crucial point... When we already know that without the effort no dream can be fufilled, then why to waste time, HURRY AND JOIN US!!!


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