Be a Silent Partner

When you create your profile on TEA@CHAT.COM system generates an ID no. (i.e. 282730) for you. As a Silent partner, you promote this website & ask other people to create their profiles too here. When somebody use your ID as referred By he/she comes under you as team & when he/she or within their team book any meeting , partial amount of that booking is provided to you too because you had promoted this website to him/her. Details as below:

Level Team structure Your Earning % on every Successful meeting Example if 3 meetings of 10K matured at each level, you will get Rs.
Level -1 Your Direct Joining 5 500
Level -2 Level-1 Direct Joining & your indirect Joining 3 300
Level -3 Level-2 Direct Joining & Your and Level-1 indirect Joining 2 200