About Tea2chat

Tea2chat.Com diligently working to make this world a better place towards humanization

Every individual human being has something special which can be shared with world in terms of talent , knowledge , happiness, behavior , relations , Job profile or business. In this smart phone era, it is said that everything is available on internet but due to human nature face to face meeting is still best option. Humans can express their emotions & requirement face to face rather online. Besides personal touch and feelings are necessary for the survival of human kind. For example teens are preferring video games over physical games and online study rather college education. They do make online friends . Now just imagine if these teens can meet real players & best tutors/advisers/mentors & new friends face to face , isn't this wonderful to live them in real world?

We at Tea 2 chat believe that each individual carries his own value of time and respect blended with it. And even the surveys illustrate that if the individual's time is given a preference as well as the esteem, the person can not only have a thrilling experience of his/her company but also gain benefits and grasp knowledge out of his/her experience. Tea2chat offer you a platform to meet your favorite person face to face. With every sip of that tea talk every bit of your heart out, share your stories and learn from their past experiences.